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How can drones

became a staple to security?

Drones are suitable for pre-programmed tasks, they can keep an eye on people, areas and objects while floating and moving. The drone is capable of transmitting accurate images of the entire flight path in real time. The drones can be equipped with up to 30x optical zoom, a thermal imager and a camera with artificial intelligence. Civil protection and law enforcement organizations already have experience in the effective use of drones, and cameras and sensors make the work of authorities and security companies easier and faster.

Fast assessment and intervention
Real time support
Intelligent crime prevention

Whether it’s searching for a person or object, quick location or area inspection, UAVI provides a data security system with a blockchain background that guarantees data authenticity.

Areas of application

in security

Crime investigation, crime prevention and border patrol

With the help of drones we can quickly survey crime scenes or provide area protection. Providing easy air surveillance of mass events, or persons of interest and ground objects.

Drones are capable of transmitting data, pictures or video live to predetermined target devices. Drones equipped with AI supporting cameras are capable of learning almost every aspect, whether it is person identification, object or number plate identification. Thermal imager/night vision equipped drones can help in bad visual conditions, or allow work overnight as well, where human capabilities are limited.

Search and rescue missions

The most important factor in search and rescue missions is quick intervention and the accurate mapping of the area. Drones and the special cameras equipped on them offer professional help with finding missing persons, surveying accident sites or surveying accidents in dangerous, hardly accessible places. The high-res, thermal imager, night vision and AI equipped cameras are capable of live streaming video footage, and UAVI storage ensures the secure and unalterable storage of data.

Firefighting missions

Searching for people trapped, or facing danger, or analyzing the spread of the fire drones equipped adequately for the conditions can provide enormous help for the firefighter team, providing accurate information to plan the operations and calculating the lowest risk to complete the operation.

Disaster assessment

At the event of a natural or other disaster the most important thing is accurate damage assessment and surveying the affected area. Drones can provide help for the search and rescue teams, providing continuous live video feed to aid the operations, and help to plan the most efficient execution.

UAVI data security services can provide effective assistance for the subsequent credible analysis of the accident process, the ex-post evaluation of rescue / firefighting work, and the support of the insurance claim.
Drones can also help insurance companies with damage assessments, and UAVI ensures data authenticity.

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