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We are on our way to the metaverse

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We are on our way to the


Now crypto currencies are based on a vision, and their journey is about trying to find their way towards that vision. UAVI, the world’s first blockchain-based drone ecosystem is based on living and breathing co-operations. In its Incubator Program, UAVI nurtures start-ups in various stages of development, ideas and innovations.

One of these is Real Drone Simulator:
UAVI is taking part in its crypto-based development (adapting it to UAVI’s wallet system, creating a staking surface and developing a tournament module), is assisting in marketing activities and will organize The world’s first online blockchain-based drone tournament is RDS.

Real Drone Simulator is perfect for actual training with drones: several drone makers use it as a training simulator for actual flying! Play to Earn (P2E) is here enhanced by Learn to Earn (L2E): our notion that you can actually learn a profession - that of drone pilot. Demand for drone pilots is already through the roof, and our school program is perfectly suited to hone your craft!

How can you take part?

If you register on, you will receive a uavi wallet with 250 uavi token in it!

Register at

Accredit to your chosen competition

Login to UAVI from RDS and start earning!

Game Types

RDS or Real Drone Simulator is the only drone simulator in the world where each drone model rendered in the simulator is dissassembled, its components measured and weighed, so that the physics add up.


The UAVI Tournament starts on October 15th.
You can win uavi tokens and badges.

Custom events

This is an option where the users can launch races as hosts.
Hosts always profit from organising a race, and the UAVI platform makes this easy.
(This option is ideal for crypto-influencers with a large following).

How to?
Create a New Tournament // User can set the date and the number of players // User then sets the registration fee and the prize money (NFT Badges can be prizes as well!)

Time trial

P2E: Races against each other for UAVI tokens
L2E: User performs a task for NFT Badges

Deathmatch (P2E)

Races against one another – these can be linked to Custom events as well.

UAVI RDS School Program – L2E

You can be a pilot.

The evolution of flight is here, and waiting for you.
Become one of the greatest AVIATOR of your generation!


Daily and monthly

User must carry out 28 tasks in 28 days: one task per day.

On the 28. Day user will receive the AVIATOR NFT badge.

In the second month, user can already study/practice to achieve a more valuable badge, the FALCON.

Skills and tricks

If user learns some drone flying tricks and acquires some skills, user will receive UAVI tokens and badge rewards.

Badge owners only may partake in races. You can both purchase and earn badges.
Each badge has unique characteristics, and entitles you to take part in various types of events.



  • Basic events

  • Events
  • Special events
  • Extra staking
  • Rewards: +5% APY

  • Events
  • Special events
  • Extra staking
  • Rewards: +10% APY
  • Airdrops

  • Events
  • Special events
  • Extra staking
  • Rewards: +15% APY
  • Airdrops
  • RDS token presale Whitelist
  • 20-50% discount when buying a real drone

Participate and win all the special badges!

UAVI e-Sport Competitions

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