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UAVI areas of application

Industrial drones

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Industrial revolution 4.0

the era of the drones

Technologies are fundamentally changing data collection and data usage. The appearance and spread of drones makes it time-consuming and difficult to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. More than technology, it is Business on Blockchain.

Unbeatable time-efficiency
Extra financial returns
Eco-friendly technology

UAVI is developing forward - looking for blockchain solutions for using industrial drones. Applying these innovations helps different industrial areas in a safe, controllable way, optimizes quality work and makes work completion more efficient and economical.

The UAVI is verifiable and demonstrates the work performed using the blockchain, which helps with quality work. UAVI develops a token-based reward system to encourage efficient work with stakeholders.


Industry fields

Film industry

Arguably the most well known use of drones is the movie and video segment. Due to the high load capacity any camera and objective or electronics can be safely mounted and used on drones.

The UAVI blockchain based data storage offers solutions to the security challenges the film industry is facing, and provides a controllable, and verifiable background.

Service industry

There are some big potentials for drones in the service industry specifically with the currently difficult and expensive tasks. Besides its cost effectiveness, there are new market segments waiting to be conquered by the use of drones.

Industrial cleaning drones, the roof and surface-cleaning drones will be used extensively, it is just a matter of time to replace helicopters currently used for this role.

Using drones for Insurance claim assessment, and environmental protection are already present today, but it can be part of our everyday life in the future.

UAVI provides blockchain based solutions to verify collected data, or measurements, and guarantees the authenticity.


The cost-effective operation of the communications industry requires the replacement of the human workforce from hazardous tasks. Drones provide a cost-effective and fast solution for preventive maintenance, fault detection and antenna inspection.

Spraying drones are up to
88% water and 50% pesticide

than regular spraying methods.


Industrial drones in precision agriculture help with technological solutions ,to maximize cost and product efficiency.

The blockchain stores verifiable, trackable data and provides a calculation that an unalterable database is created for the owner and employees. The data obtained in this way for years provides a solid basis for optimal operation planning.

Using UAVI helps you use technologies that make every working area more transparent. The vegetation status and damage of plants can be easily and effectively assessed. Observing the area from the air, making it easy to control what is happening within the area. Air quality can be monitored. Informs the owner on the energy performance of buildings.

Traceable, unalterable data will be on the blockchain. It serves as verifiable data for claims, insurance claims, or real estate sales.

Spray drones are up to 88% water and 50% pesticide efficient. Data is useful for optimal performance, transparent and secure management. Data collection is important in order to provide the information you need to make optimal use of future technologies.

UAVI simplifies farm operations, helps optimize spraying, and provides data for a predictable crop maximization.

Energy Industry

Control of production centers and networks, replacement of human labor from hazardous tasks and the constant reduction of costs is the main challenge in the energy industry.

The drones and the different cameras, sensors that can be mounted on them are capable of working in almost any conditions to perform tasks quickly and accurately.

UAVI solutions

in the energy sector

  • Solar panels

    High resolution and thermal imager equipped drones are capable of surveying any roof or solar panel, identifying faults and carrying out planned preventive maintenance tasks.

  • Oil and gas transit pipes

    Checking pipelines is an important taskTerritorial and topographic features making airborne observation significantly easier, detecting anomalies from the air using a faster and cheaper drone.

  • Wind turbines

    Checking wind turbines is extremely important for preventing faults, and also for fault detection. Working at height is risky and expensive, so with drones these days it is more efficient, safer, and cheaper to replace the human workforce.

  • High voltage network

    With drones and special cameras you can test high voltage wires quickly and without much effort. Cameras specifically designed for this purpose can detect the fault even when it is invisible to the human eye.


Drone technology is an effective tool to help the construction industry. We are able to use drones to trigger expensive tasks and make processes controllable.

During a construction project, plenty of controversial questions can arise, this is why the UAVI smart contract-based data security system which can be backed up with unalterable data developments to help prevent conflicts and provide proof.

UAVI solutions

in construction

  • Surveying, modeling, planning

    Drones can produce perfectly accurate surveys of any building or area then with software processing we get exact plans or terrain maps in a fraction of the time.

    For 3D building modeling, drones take pictures in the air, then a design software creates a 3-dimensional model from the points specified by the drone.

    Progress during construction is comparable to the original plans.

    This allows you to track, correct, and verify the progress of your entire schedule.

  • Development checking

    Drones can be used to track the entire construction site, we can check the staff and the timely completion of subcontracted works.

    Artificial intelligence we are able to keep an eye on anything with cameras, and to detect possible defects during construction.

  • Creating heat maps

    Using thermal camera drones To create a heat map can be done in a fraction of the time.

    Building heat mapping is mandatory in every energy certificate and is also advantageous because it allows us to observe whether the building insulation is properly constructed everywhere.

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