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Delivery services

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Why drones are

the future of transportation?

An important question about drones: What will be their role in parcel delivery? It is expected that more and more new drone delivery companies will emerge to gain market share. These companies will certainly develop innovative solutions, therefore, rapid development can also come in technological terms.

Unbeatable speed
Extra returns via cost effectiveness
Environment friendly technology

UAVI wants to be an integrated part of the drone society. Monitoring the markets continuously, studying the newest trends and innovations, to be able to provide relevant answers for the members of the ecosystem.

Drone delivery

market segments

Currently, the goods that the drones carry can be divided into four segments: retail goods, food, medical and industrial products. These segments are at different stages of market development at the moment.

What can the drones currently carry?

Under the term retail we mean goods shipped by e-commerce platforms such as, Amazon or DHL.

food delivery so far means restaurant food home delivery in practice. In the future, however, this will be expanded with a number of other goods.

Drone-shipped medical products currently include blood products, vaccines, medications, detoxification solutions, and in some cases, even the medical ingredients and other medical devices needed for organ transplants.

Lastly, the industrial goods that are shipped are highly dependent on the specific characteristics of the industry. For example, in the automotive industry, these can be automotive parts, and in the energy industry, they can be maintenance tools.

Drone Service Provider / DSP
An external drone provider outside the organization

Who delivers by drone?

There are two types of drone delivery companies: drone providers and companies expanding their business with drones. The main difference between them is that the former offers their services to others, while the latter uses drones to optimize their own workflows. Drone Service Providers to name a few: Wing, Zipline, Flytrex, Flirtey, Matternet, Volans and Antworks.

Meanwhile, the major companies running drones for internal business services are, DHL, Amazon, Walmart, Zomato, and SF Express. A significant part of the key players on this side of the market are either a postal service company or an e-commerce giant.

There are also intergovernmental programs that are also worth mentioning, such as the World Food Program and UNICEF, which provide drone deliveries for humanitarian purposes.

Drone delivery

around the world

  • Africa

    Ruanda and Ghana in Africa, where Zipline delivers blood;

  • Australia and Pacific Islands

    Ausztr√°lia and Vanuatu Across the Pacific Islands Wing and Swoop Aero undertaking government approved drone deliveries.

  • Europe

    Finland, Iceland Switzerland in Europe Wing, Flytrex and Matternet operating in the retail and in medical supplies field.

  • Asia

    China and Japan In AsiaRakuten,, and SF Express operating, soon followed by India, where Zipline will start operating;

  • America

    Many states within the United states, where Wing, Flytrex, Volans-i and UPS Flight Forward works within the deliveries segment.

Strategic partnerships

One of the keys to success in drone shipments is strategic trading and public-private partnerships. A good example is Zipline which is developing more dynamically through cooperation.

After UPS pioneered the way, the FAA investigated six more drone companies for certification. In the future more and more companies are expected to enter the competition.

UAVI is currently negotiating with the management of OVSZ and EUROTRANSPLANT, about the permissioning of the UAVI transplant drones.

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