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UAVI Drone

We are building the drone platform of the future,
based on the blockchain

As part of the UAVI ecosystem we are developing a community sharing & service oriented marketplace and PLATFORM.

The UAVI Platform offers DeFi solutions with the issuing of UAVI tokens and UAVI NFTs.

We are developing a community sharing and service platform, where drone service providers and service users can find each other. The platform will operate using UAVI token and UAVI NFTs. All of the transactions on the platform will generate rewards for all of the participants, incentivising all parties involved to use and therefore strengthen the ecosystem. On top of this UAVI will help fund innovative projects, which will further strengthen our vision.

UAVI aims to be the first worldwide community service provider platform in the drone services segment. The UAVI Ambassador program will help us build our communities all around the world. Our Incubator program will offer an opportunity for innovative startups through financial help and funding. UAVI platform prioritizes on developing drone based gaming, providing exciting activities both IRL and in the metaverse.

We are creating a community service platform, where drone providers and users can find each other. The operation of the platform only supports transactions in UAVI tokens.

UAVI Drone

UAVI based community service sharing and development platform

Our goal is to create a platform, where drone technologies become widely available to the general public. We want to create a place where new areas of applications can be discovered, the best available solutions can be compared, regulations can evolve, commerce is incentivised. UAVI develops decentralized smart contracts to be an unalterable, verifiable data security system, which helps to prevent conflicts of interests between the user and service provider. The platform will be available across all necessary components inside theUAVI ecosystem.

We create a world where there is no need for paper-based documentation, bureaucracy, environmental strain, unnecessary delays, dangerous and stressful human labor.

UAVI Drone

we build...

...the SUPPLY

On the supply side we organize all of the possible drone applications, whether it is a device or a related service.

...the DEMAND

All of the above will be available and well organized for the users of the demand side. Everything is based on blockchain, in a decentralized unalterable and transparent manner.


We launch development projects by creating partnerships. By integrating solutions for each application, we support innovative developments that holistically reform our lifestyle habits while minimizing environmental impact >, increasing human freedom in an economically sustainable, decentralized and transparent manner.

We build...

… the first crypto drone ecosystem in the world.

Community sharing

UAVI aims to be one of the first to provide a community drone-sharing solution. Some elements of the services that appear in the UAVI ecosystem, such as drones, pilots, or even complete services, can be shared and rented to use. Claims will be available as a direct UAVI transaction or in the form of NFTs as a pre-booked service.

Unalterable transparency

Using UAVI will help to implement new technologies which will make everyday life more transparent.With the help of blockchain technology UAVI makes the completed jobs easily verifiable, giving the user the opportunity to incentivise effective work for the contractor. Our goal is to have every event recorded in the UAVI ecosystem in case of need for legal probative value even decades later. Compliance with contractual agreements is recorded by the UAVI ecosystem with decentralized blockchain data storage, so data can be retrieved by anyone at any time. The authenticity of data is unquestionable whether it's photo or video documentation. Events documented in the UAVI ecosystem have legal force be it service performance information, a security incident, construction processes, timely survey or a full survey of an area. In addition to the authentic and unalterable storage of events, we will also issue a document with legal protection in the form of an NFT, which will be available on request, and may be marketed.


To incentivise quality work, we are developing a reward system based on the UAVI token usage data available on the blockchain, where service providers and users both will receive a reward after UAVI transactions. Using the UAVI ecosystem will benefit all parties involved. Besides the satisfaction and usage based rewards we will factor in reliability, accuracy and quality as well. The UAVI ecosystem development and strengthening creates value, which will be rewarded by the system (see: User bonus program). Apart from the system usage rewards, we value the trust placed in our project as well. Our HODLers will receive significant airdrops after holding on to their purchased or rewarded UAVI tokens (see: Hodler system). The work of our best performing experts is highly valued, we will help them thrive, whether it is a project idea (see: Incubator program) or forming partnerships (see: Ambassador program) or being part of the decision making (see Community Governance program).

Managed exchange rate

Our goal is the continuous increase of the UAVI token value. We would like to ensure this through the use of multiple available techniques. Just to mention a few: Multi layered ICO, followed by scheduled exchange listings, timely delivery of the commitments made in our Road map, incentivising the increased use of the UAVI token, deflationary monetary system – possibility of token burning hodler system –we offer significant rewards for holding on to the purchased or rewarded UAVI tokens. Expert`s network Partnerships with influencers, industry key experts, service providers will all be rewarded with our airdrop system incentivising cooperation between the participants of the ecosystem.

Ambassador program

UAVI`s Ambassador program is planned to launch by 2022.09.01. Aiming for growing and strengthening the UAVI ecosystem. As part of our vision of a vibrant growing global community UAVI is strongly committed to help its ambassadors, who are actively participating on theUAVI platform and working actively on growing our community. Focusing on this, ourAmbassador program will reward UAVI-related content creation. Our Ambassador should focus on organizing events where new partnerships can be formed. The goal is to generate UAVI token transactions and encouraging people to participate in our Hodler programb. UAVI will distribute rewards based on individual performance, according to the reward structure stipulations.

Incubator program

To help accelerate theUAVI ecosystem development, we will start our incubator program in 2023. 01. 01, where we will fund viable project ideas, to grow the UAVI drone ecosystem, whether it is the introduction of a new service, hardware or software element. We expect applications to our incubator program in predefined areas of innovation, including detailed business plans, for which we offer financial support and infrastructure. Our incubator program would like to help fund innovative one of a kind projects, where a capable team is present to deliver the project, and the idea is indeed a useful one for the members of the ecosystem.

NFT – business on blockchain

UAVI will issue NFTs - a piece of information backed by a smart contract, stored on the blockchain. The UAVI drone service NFT is simplifying the smart contract solutions and the user/service provider interactions . The UAVI ecosystem`s NFTs will play a vital role in the ecosystem. One of such use cases is the usage of the NFTs as a pre-booking for a service, a quasi voucher, which could be sold on the marketplace. Another possible use case for NFTs within the ecosystem is the results, for example aerial footage, a 3D model of a building, exploratory video footage of a mine shaft. In connection with the UAVI data storage NFTs will appear in smart contracts as legally probative evidence, which will include related services ( legal protection, representation, data storage). The UAVI NFT collection will be released in connection with gaming and metaverse IRL and online. NFTs will appear during the games as treasures with real value that can be collected in different ways, including UAVI Drone NFT Treasure Hunting in real life and in the metaverse projects.


UAVI would like to be part of the metaverse. Our UAVI platform will be present in different metaverses, making it possible for multiple services to be present. Our own entertaining projects, such as the drone e-sport, racing and gecochaing development directions also incorporate the metaverse.

Drone e-sport and drone racing

The popularity of drone racing is increasing. We would like to introduce a new competition style, bringing in some innovation in the realm of drone racing. We would like to incorporate elements of today's popular battle royale style games, integrating augmented reality solutions from the metaverse. Developing specific drones, selling designs, building and repairing, organizing and streaming events offers multiple ways to strengthen the ecosystem. UAVI blockchain based data storage will solve the unalterable storage of statistics, events, final scores or any related data.

Drone games geocaching, treasure hunting

UAVI NFT Drone Treasure Hunting in real life and in the metaversum. The UAVI ecosystem will include development of drone based games as well. As part of this, based on geocaching, we will develop a treasure hunting platform, where people have to find hidden NFT „treasures” which will have UAVI token value. The game will be available to the community to develop in every country, discovering beautiful places all around the world and also in the metaverse.

Community Governance

The UAVI Community Governance will be coordinated by the UAVI Foundation. The foundation will own 3% of the total UAVI token supply which will be used to manage the finances of the Community Governance program and to pay the performance based rewards to the governors. We believe that most of the problems with the decentralized blockchains are coming from issues with consensus based governing, rather than from technical issues. A well planned governing structure with effective and transparent methods will allow the flawless development of innovations. The UAVI governance guidelines will mirror the commitment of the Board to oversee the Foundation`s work, and ensure the fairness and effectiveness of decision making processes and policies. This simple guideline will be handed to the governors, including clear instructions for running the Governance program. Starting from 2023.05.01, the UAVI ecosystem will adopt the fully decentralized governing model. The Community Governance Program will allow UAVI token holders to participate and vote in the decision making. The Governors will receive performance based rewards after their term is finished. The reward structure is tied to the Governor`s performance and commitment. The UAVI community will experience significant growth through the shared responsibility and the governor system. Governors will be responsible for the major part of the policy and decision making. This will be achieved by frequent voting. The UAVI foundation will carry out the tasks responsibly for the evolution of the UAVI ecosystem, based on the Governors decisions. The UAVI Foundation will commit itself to organize the voting events the simplest possible way, and share the results with everyone for every governing period, and execute the decisions in a transparent manner. We want to implement the Community governance model in every aspect possible, for example the decision making in our incubator program will be also one of the UAVI Governors key responsibility.

VeChain integration

VeChain is responsible for verifying and storing data in supply chains. Where applicable, temperature, humidity, and altitude are documented using VeChain chips.


Members working for our success

Dávid Debreczeni

Founder - CTO

Péter Gerebenics

Founder - CCO

Zsombor Harmati

Founder - CEO

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